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Spring 2012
    Valley Isle Aquatics

We are excited to bring you multiple new & exciting possibilities! Check it out:
Beach & Pool classes
Change in lesson structure
Swim Team~Recreational
Special Event/Swim Meet
POP (private lessons in your pool)
Adults Services including Weekend Warrior Relief
Rock on H2O

The latest in the County permit saga...

We have continued to struggle with the County in regards to receiving permits. We have been denied a Type III non-profit permit based on paying the instructors to teach classes. We have been denied a Type IV non-profit permit b/c the County claims we hold our lessons for more than 3 consecutive days (although that is inaccurate and they are reading the regulation wrong). Although the County is throwing as many obstacles in our path as they can think of, we are persevering so we can continue to service our Maui Ohana. Please continue sending your support of our program to the Mayor, Council Members, and Parks & Recreation. All we want to do is teach our community members how to swim, making our community safer, and potentially saving lives.

We are appealing these denials, and if successful in attaining a Type IV permit, there will be a 4900% increase (yes, this is correct and not a typo) in the pool fees assessed by the County. We want to maintain our small class size while continuing with the high quality of instruction you have become accustomed, unfortunately this may mean an increase in class fees. We are hoping not to resort to this, however if that is the only option, we will work diligently to keep the cost as low as possible.


Our Rock on H2O program looks like a tree with two main branches; several up & coming branches; and several auxiliary branches.

Our skills acquisition program consists of various skills performed on land utilizing physio (or rubber) balls, rollers, 1/2-rollers, benches, chairs, sofa backs, and other equipment.

The idea is for students to learn skills prior to attending class; practice skills learned in class; and maintain skill level while away from class.

The other main branch is our fitness program. This program uses the same fundamental principles as our skill acquisitions program with a twist...we do it for cardiovascular fitness, core building & stabilization, and strength conditioning.

This program is complimentary and available digitally for all our currently enrolled students.

An added bonus for the may now utilize this program while your child is in their lesson. Skill cards will be available on the deck for you to utilize. We are hoping to have this instructor led eventually, but for now it is self-led. So bring your ball, roller, or whatever you have with you and start getting healthy while still enjoying watching your child grow and develop through our instruction. *This is only being offered at pools currently.

Guest Instructors

We were very fortunate to have two guest instructors for two days; one from the Netherlands (Robin) and the other one from the Big Island (Dawn). Both were a delight to work with and the children enjoyed their instruction. We hope to see both of them again sometime. We do want to wish Robin good luck as he ventures to Australia to begin a new teaching adventure, and Dawn as she pursues her teaching certification and other water-related ventures.

Professional updates for Miss Kelly

Working with Purdue University and Charleston University Professors in researching and developing the land training program (we are calling it Rock on H2O).

Requested to write two (2) articles for our professional journals.

Invited to join instructors and coaches from across the USA this spring and summer to Beta Test the first SKWIM International Water Safety Standard class AND be the Hawaii pioneer/liaison.

Please be sure to submit your program evaluation at the end of the session.

Positions to Consider:
Volunteers for a variety of projects.
Instructors, Assistant Instructors-paid/class.
Marketing & Sales Coordinator-commission-based.
If you are interested in one of these positions or have a recommendation, please contact us as soon as possible.

We would like to work with local high schools to offer internships to students, to help prepare them for the job force after graduation.  If you would like to assist with this program, please let us know.

Please come by our booth at the Keiki Fest, April 14th @ UHMC-we'd love to see you!


Spring 2012 Session Schedule:

All sessions and dates are available to register now (on-line).  Please keep in mind that any class without the required number of students may be combined with another class or moved to another time, due to the County's requirements. 

~All levels & times are listed on bottom of Registration Form

Location: Pukalani Pool (Thursdays)
Session Dates: 3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24
Number of Lessons: 8

Location: Pukalani Pool (Saturdays)
Session Dates: 3/31, 4/7, [4/14 No Class], 4/21, *4/28 [Ocean & Beach Safety Day], 5/5, [5/12 No Class], 5/19, *5/26 [Swim Meet]
Number of Lessons: 7

Location: Baby Beach~Sprecklesville (Mondays)
Class Times: 9:45 am-12:30pm
4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/21
Number of Lessons: 8
*30 minute classes

Locations: Sugar Beach~Kihei (Wednesdays)
Session Dates: 4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23
Number of Lessons: 8
Times: 9:45 am-4:00 pm
*30 minute classes

Locations: Mai Puno Oehau Beach~North Kihei (Sundays)
Session Dates: 4/1, [4/8 No Class], 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, [5/13 No Class], 5/20, 5/27
Number of Lessons: 7
Times: 9:45 am-1:45 pm
*30 minute classes

To Register for a class, please go to the Classes tab; find the class you are interested in; click on that link; review the information; click on the Registration Form Link ~the times and levels are on the bottom of each Registration Form

Any challenges with registering, just give us a holler and we will walk you through the process.


Ocean & Beach Safety Day

Every swimming lesson session, held at a pool, on the weekend, now includes one (1) Ocean & Beach Safety Day at the beach. Times will be different than the regularly scheduled class time. Your instructor will give you the details prior to the scheduled date.

VIA Swim Meet

Every swimming lesson session, held at a pool, on the weekend, will now conclude with a SWIM MEET. Times of your child's events may be different than your regular class time. We will need volunteers to assist in running this special event. Please let your instructor know if you would be willing to volunteer.

Offering Private Lessons (POP)

Have a private pool or access to a hotel, condo, or home owners' association pool? We are available to travel to you while continuing to offer our fabulous swimming program, in the comfort of your own pool! Please complete the private lessons (POP) registration form~we will confirm all details with you via email (or phone).

Facebook: All participant pictures are posted on our Facebook page, enabling you to download/save your picture right from the page. Facebook Community Page Link:!/profile.php?id=100001595850007&v=wall

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