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Spring 2012
    Valley Isle Aquatics

We are pleased to announce that Valley Isle Aquatics has finally received its Federal 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. It was a long road, but well worth the effort. VIA may now accept donations! Although we have this status, this does not mean we are exempt from all taxes, and must apply for the State of Hawaii to grant us exemption as well. This application has already been submitted and we are waiting for their decision.

The Community Courses' Office has made several changes within their program which affects us. It is critical that you complete their evaluation form before the end of the session.

Please be sure to submit your program evaluation before the end of the session.

Through this office we are able to offer a couple of classes UpCountry at the Pukalani Pool on Saturdays and Sundays. Please see the schedule below.

The next in the County permit saga...

As you know the County has denied us any and all permits thus far with baseless reasons; each request being denied for a new and different reason.

We filed an appeal with the Board of Variances and Appeals and had the hearing in front of a panel. The BVA decided they do not have the authority to overturn any decisions that the parks & recreation chief decides. That is the whole point of filing an appeal with the BVA. They do have the authority and they can overrule these decisions, however the BVA members are all hand-selected by the mayor thus will back him up at every turn.

We have contacted several attorneys to consider bringing it to the Second Circuit Court, however we have chosen to go a different route in that this will be quite costly and we would not be allowed to bring in any additional evidence, thus would more than likely end in the same result.

The only positive thing to come from this whole experience is that the BVA stated if we have one (1) swim meet per year, we qualify for the Type III permit. Unfortunately, Glenn Correa (P&R chief) wrote us a letter stating he does not believe us; we can only assume with that statement that he is accusing us of lying. So, he denied our permit request again, based on his assumption that we are lying.

We have applied for a Type IV permit at least a half a dozen times, but the County refuses to respond to any of these requests. We have also sent Mayor Alan Arakawa a proposal to partner with the County, and he refuses to respond as well. It amazes us that elected officials and appointees can continue to be in office and retain their positions when they refuse to respond to correspondence, requests, and proposals.

The youth football association has had a similar problem with the County and all their parents emailed the mayor and they got results...they got their field back for games. So, please, write an email and a letter, then email and fax it to the mayor. The County needs to know they are doing a dis-service to the community. Please send them to Mayor, Council Members, and Parks & Recreation.
Alan Arakawa, Mayor:

We have a sample letter posted on our website for your convenience:

All we want and have ever wanted to do is teach our community members how to swim, making our community safer, and potentially saving lives.

Swim Fins ~ we are always happy to keep a list of interested folks and when we get enough to make an order, we will let you know.

Ocean & Beach Safety (BOS)

We have been including at least one Ocean & Beach Safety Day at the beach within the regular session schedule. Times will be different than the regularly scheduled class time due to weather constraints. The details will be posted prior to the scheduled date of the BOS.


Fall 2012 Class Information:

Please see the mini-calendar below for details. We have many selections to choose from in Kihei, UpCountry, and Central.  If none of these match your schedule, let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

Private Lessons (POP)

We are available to travel to you to offer our fabulous swimming program, in the comfort of your own pool! We will be happy to teach in your private pool, hotel, condo, or home owners' association pool. Please complete the private lessons (POP) registration form~we will confirm all details with you via Email (or phone).

To Register for a class, please go to the Classes tab; find the type of class you are interested in; click on that link; review the information; click on the Registration Form Link ~the times and levels are on the bottom of each Registration Form
We have a Classes @ Glance chart listed below & linked the web page, for your convenience.
Any challenges with registering, just give us a holler and we will walk you through the process.

Mahalo Nui!
These families have generously allowed us to use their pools for classes during this nightmare with the county. We want to be sure to give a shout out to each of them for their generosity!

Hannah's Ohana

Kirra's Ohana

Noah's Ohana

Evan's Ohana

Makena & Orion's Ohana

Facebook: All participant pictures are posted on our Facebook page, enabling you to download/save your picture right from the page.
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Q. What areas around the home can present a drowning risk?
A. The backyard pool and spa are obvious places in which drowning deaths can and have occurred.  However, there are many other aquatic areas around the home which present a threat to young children including buckets and other vessels that can contain water. Parents/carers must remember to always empty the bathtub, close the bathroom door, empty eskies and buckets and store out of reach of children.

Q. Where have drowning deaths around the home occurred in the past?
A. Drowning deaths have occurred in the following places:
• Buckets • Swimming pools • Spas • Inflatable pools • Dams • Rivers • Creeks • Streams • Eskies • Bathtubs • Fishponds • Water tanks • Drains • Water features • Water fountains • Irrigation channels • Pet bowls

Q. When do drowning deaths around the home occur?
A. Studies show the majority of toddler drowning deaths peak when parents’ attention may be divided such as the arrival home of other siblings or the preparation of evening meals. Be aware of additional distractions and do not let them interfere with constant visual supervision of your child when in, on, or around water.

Q. How can I supervise children at social settings?
A. Often at parties and gatherings people can assume that someone else is watching the child/children. In fact, it is possible that no one is supervising. Nominating a designated “child supervisor” during parties is a way of ensuring that children are supervised at all times. If this person needs to leave for any reason, ensure a new supervisor is appointed or regularly rotate the supervision responsibilities. If alcohol is being consumed,supervisors should be sober.

Q. Can I get my older children to look after the younger ones?
A. Never leave young children in the care of older children (under 16).

Real Life Story - esky drowning death

A family learned firsthand of the dangers household objects can present to children when their 2 year old drowned in an esky at a family celebration. The ice in the esky had melted and after dropping a toy into the esky, the 2 year old tried to retrieve it, but fell in and was unable to get out. As a result the little girl was trapped in the esky and drowned in just a small amount of water. This tragedy is a warning to all parents to take care to remove or secure all drowning hazards in and around their homes.

Fall (Sept-Nov) 2012 Classes at a Glance









8:00 am                            
8:40 am                            
9:20 am        

9:15- 9:45 am

Kihei area~

10:00 am        

10:45 am

Kihei area~
Level Red

10:30 am        

12:15 pm

Central area~
Level Red

11:15 am                            
12:30 pm                            
1:30 pm                            
2:00 pm

1:55 - 2:30 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Red &
Level Yellow-Green


1:55 - 2:30 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Red & Level Yellow-Green

2:30 pm

2:30 - 3:05 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Red-Orange & Level Yellow

3:05 pm

Kula 200~
Level Red/Red-Orange


2:30-3:05 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Red-Orange & Level Yellow

3:00 pm

3:05 - 3:40 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Orange &
Level Orange-Yellow

3:40 pm

Kula 200~
(6 mo-24 months)


3:05 - 3:40 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Orange &
Level Orange-Yellow

3:30 pm

3:40 - 4:15 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Red-Orange & Level Orange-Yellow

3:45-4:15 pm

Kula 200~
Blended Parent-Child
(2-3 years old)


3:40 - 4:15 pm

Pukalani Pool~
Level Red-Orange & Level Orange-Yellow

4:00 pm    

4:50 pm

Kula 200~
Class is Full

4:30 pm    

5:35 pm

Kula 200~
Level Orange/

 Valley Isle Aquatics
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